Driver vs. Driver is a televised design competition run by Wilson Golf. The show will follow the trials and tribulations of aspiring golf equipment designers as they compete for the chance to win $500,000 and the opportunity to have their driver concept brought to life and sold under the Wilson Staff name. Each design team will work with Wilson Labs engineers to evaluate, critique, refine and test their ideas and concepts, all while trying to stave off elimination by the panel of golf expert judges.

Season 1 of Wilson's Driver Vs Driver has now finished but you can still watch the full episodes at

Altair is proud to have supported the driver design competition from Wilson Golf

Altair's service and software teams worked in conjunction with the Wilson Innovation team to assist Driver vs. Driver competitors, helping to bring their visions to life through industrial design studies, product visualization, prototyping and performance analysis.  

How was Altair involved?

Altair's industrial design group worked with the finalists under the direction of Wilson Labs engineers to support the design and development stages, including ideation sketches, CAD modeling and graphic design.

solidThinking Evolve is the perfect tool to assist the Driver vs. Driver contestants rapidly explore ideas and iterations for their concepts. This allows the teams to quickly visualize new designs through highly realistic renderings.

Altair's HyperWorks simulation suite is being used by the Wilson Labs team to analyze and improve upon the aerodynamics of the driver designs. Its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions allow the contestants to see how small changes to the shape of the club can significantly impact the quality of the swing.

Utilizing the Virtual Wind Tunnel in Driver vs Driver

Behind the Scenes

Technology Feature: CFD

Darren Chilton, Program Manager at solidThinking discusses how the Altair team utilized solidThinking Evolve during the development of contestants' clubs to explore ideas and vizualize design concepts.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) became a key design consideration for the contestants to maximize club head speed during a swing. William Calver, Technical Manager at Altair ProductDesign gives an insight into the use of Altair's Virtual Wind Tunnel to provide insight on where improvements to drag could be made.

Using solidThinking Evolve in Driver vs Driver

Taken from episode 4 of Driver Vs Driver, this feature by Wilson Innovation Labs shows how the team used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to study and improve the aerodynamics of its clubs. Altair's CFD solutions are featured in this video.

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Revealing the Winner

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Altair consultants & technology feature in this episode!

Altair consultants & technology feature in this episode!

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